Ham Radio Remote Examinations

I am an Accredited Volunteer Examiner. With the relaxations of normal examination procedures during COVID-19 pandemic, if you live in Canada and wish to take your exam remotely due to COVID-19 read these basic requirements below.

  • You need to be equipped with a computer capable of attending a videoconference call via Zoom. That computer will be used to see the exam contents and does not need to have audio, but if it does that is helpful.
  • You need to have a smartphone/tablet with a camera and Zoom installed on it. This will be used to send a video feed back to me so that I can observe the exam. I’ll show you how to position it before we get started.

Exams are delivered to only one candidate at a time. Once you are consistently scoring >85% on the ISED practise exams for a couple of days in a row you are ready to write – I want everyone to pass with their best score on their first attempt.

I schedule exams from 2 to 10 days away, weekday evenings at 1700h, 1900h or 2000h MT, and some Saturdays and Sundays at 0900, 1000h or 1100h MT. If you meet these basic requirements, send an email to me via ve6lk [at] rac [dot] ca