Welcome to the homepage of VE6LK, VE6VPD, AI7LK and formerly VE3LKV (2007-2012). Take a peek at the menu on the right for a treasure trove of useful information and build notes on my projects.

VE6LK POTA and Event planning tools

Are you looking for the #POTAThon and Event gear checklist planning tools as heard on the Ham Radio Workbench podcast and in other places? You’ve found them right here!

Morse Tutor Kits

Are you looking for the W8BH Morse Tutor kit as heard on the Ham Radio Workbench podcast? You’ve found it right here!

Remote Exams

I’m an Accredited Examiner for the Amateur Radio Service in Canada and the USA. Yes, I can give you a remote exam.

Creative Writing, Podcasts and Presentations

Every once in a while I’ll post an article about my Field Operating adventures and things I learned with each one. You can find them on QRPer.com.

Click here for the HRWB Website

You’ll find me on the Ham Radio Workbench Podcast along with a group of fine radio amateurs – listen in!

Click here for the QSO Today Podcast episode

Once upon a time I was interviewed about my involvement in Ham Radio by Eric Guth 4Z1UG of the QSO Today Podcast.

One person said I have a terrible YouTube channel, but everyone else loves it – so judge for yourself

Periodically I talk about Ham Radio stuff and someone presses the record button or writes it down.

Auxcomm, Emcomm and ARES

I was the lead for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES/Auxcomm) response in High River Alberta in 2013 during the Southern Alberta Floods, one of Canada’s largest natural disasters.

What I’m up to

I am continually learning about repeater maintenance and digging deeper into Digital Modes and APRS.

I’m the guy who did the graphics layout for the last two RAC Band Plan charts just like this one.

You’ll find me on the most fun net that Ham Radio can offer each week, The Fakeham Lidnet. Drop by for a few laughs. Brandmeister TG98003 and 31075 is where you’ll find me.


You can contact me on Twitter or Mastodon send an email to ve6lk [at] myrac [dot] ca