Test page for Nucleus

Editing this page on Friday September 17, 2021 at 8:40 AM. So far so good. I have de-activated Sucuri plugin and upgraded the Hosting plan to Cloud Basic which has more resources to use.

Leaving the editor page open so that I can return to this page and edit periodically. It is now 8:45 AM and still no timeouts.

8:52 AM and still able to edit and save on this page.

Back at 9:34 AM and another edit to the page. I have not closed out the WordPress Admin Dashboard so that I will not have to login again unless WordPress itself times out and kicks me out. I want to see if the server will eventually time out or not.

11:20 AM and all is good. Dashboard is still up and I can edit and save with no issues. This test page refreshes within 5 seconds to show this content once added.

12:40 in the afternoon. Still up and running no problem

3:15 PM Dashboard is still up and allowing me to edit and save.