Morse Tutor Kits

Morse Tutor Kit – DIY or we can build it for you

2024 05 01 update: In stock, shipping is 2-3 business days for kits, and 3-5 business days for fully assembled units.

I alter this notice as soon as stock levels change – so you know this is current info even if you are seeing it a month from now.


For a limited time, VE6LK and VE6TD are offering a kitting service for the W8BH Morse Tutor, ESP32 version. You can see all of the details and build instructions on W8BH’s website. You can see a full demo of the kit in action on Kyle AA0Z’s New CW Operator’s Roundtable on YouTube.

We source the parts, pretest the major components, kit them together and mail them out to you.

Why would you buy from us? Because we are taking out the hassle of sourcing parts from multiple vendors, we are pretesting the major modules and we are programming the ESP32 for you.

You’ll receive all of the parts to build a functional W8BH ESP32 Morse Tutor, consisting of the following parts:

  • 3.2″ display module
  • ESP32 module
  • Buck Converter board (power)
  • PAM8403 Audio board
  • 1/8″ stereo jacks (2)
  • PCB Mount speaker
  • Rotary Encoder
  • 10K Log taper potentiometer
  • SPST power slide switch
  • Shorting jumper block
  • 0.1″ female headers
  • 0.1″ male header pins
  • 10k and 20k resistor
  • Knobs for controls (2)
  • Circuit board

We provide a programmed and pre-tested ESP32 module with the current firmware version (so that you don’t have to learn how to do this), and we verify the functionality of each screen, each speaker and buck converter. Note that no case or mounting hardware is provided.

Build difficulty is at a NOVICE level for this project. If you own a basic pencil soldering iron, solder and basic hand tools, this project may take you up to 2 hours. Experienced builders will complete this in under 1 hour.

This offer is a kitting service only and no warranty is expressed or implied.


Morse Tutor Kits
Customize with your own callsign
Menus make it easy to use
Easy to solder the headers and install the ESP32 and display

All prices on this page are in Canadian Dollars. We accept payment via PayPal.

Kit prices are $80 CAD per unit for any quantity.

If you do not own a soldering iron or do not wish to build it out yourself, add $25 and we’ll build it and test it for you.

Shipping per unassembled kit is $23 in Canada and $27 to Continental USA and for assembled kits is $26 in Canada and $30 to Continental USA. We’ll provide a shipping quote for more than two kits. We can offer shipping outside of these areas based on cost from Canada Post’s website – we’ll show you rates before the purchase. Note that shipping outside of Canada or the USA is at your risk.


To order one or more of these units, send an email to vince [at] vincedeon [dot] com with the following 5 questions fully answered:

  • Full name
  • Call sign (if you have one)
  • Mailing address with postal/zip code
  • Phone number (needed for shipping)
  • Quantity of kits, and specify built or unbuilt

We will respond to your note and send you an invoice via PayPal. Once paid, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation via Canada Post with tracking information. Note that PayPal may add some form of tax depending on where you are located – we are not collecting nor charging tax. Please check your spam/junkmail folders as sometimes our responses or those from Canada Post will get filtered out of your inbox by your internet service provider.


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