Propagation and Mapping links


Here’s my collection of propagation and mapping links curated from the web.

Propagation below 30 MHz


Radio Blackout

National Weather Service NOAA – Space Weather Prediction Center

Space Weather – Solar Flares

IRF Karuna Magnetometers

KC2G HF MUF and others  Ionospheric propagation maps (MUF and critical frequency) by KC2G.

VOACAP HF Prediction.  Predict your HF path and frequency.

VOACAP DX charts to predict your best chances

NVIS MUF (foF2) and others from Australian Space Weather Services


Propagation above 30 MHz

VHF – Based on realtime APRS reports.  Zoom in on an area of interest and click about.

Sporadic E (EPI or Es Probability Index) from PROPquest



Worldwide Grid square locator. Quick and easy to use.