VE6LK in the news

From time to time I talk about Ham Radio and someone records it for the record. Here are some of the places where I have made the news, participated in a podcast or talked about one of my experiences in Ham Radio.

2021 – Ham Radio Workbench podcast – HRWB123 – The $250 Workbench

2021 – The Last Wire podcast – revisiting the 2013 High River Floods

2020 – FARS and ARRL Field DayOkotoks Western Wheel

2020 – Ham Radio Workbench podcast – HRWB102-Remote Ham Radio License Exams and Remote Field Day

2020 – CARA Technical Conference – “To VNA or not VNA, that is the question”

2015 – Rocky Mountain Rally, course evacuation –

2015 – FARS and ARRL Field DayOkotoks Western Wheel

2014 – North Vancouver Emergency Management Office – 2013 floods in Southern Alberta and the Amateur Radio response

2014 – CFXO-FM Country 99.7 Morning show – about FARS in the community, ARRL Field Day and Ham Radio