Portable Repeater

This page is a stub for my portable repeater project. Please visit again in a few days and I’ll have the writeup and photos in place.


The kit is a pair of Motorola Maxtrac 300 on my assigned pair and running 8W output (the lowest I can derate the radios) with a controller that was at one time sold by Arrow Antennas on their website. The controller performs all the functions required to keep it fully legal in Canada and USA.

The kit is powered by an Astron SS18 switching power supply.

Fans keep everything nice and cool.

The cavity filters are Telwave and lightweight for travel.

A short piece of skinny heliax goes with the kit to attach it in existing sites in cases where it needs to be multicoupled. All cables used are double shielded or heliax at minimum.

Magnetic Mount antennas are part of the kit along with flexible ground planes made from 19″x2″ flat metal with a pivot in the middle.